Saturday, May 28, 2011

true story hotel rape, a short story

Name changed but story basically true.

Jane had short collar length blonde hair and looked more like a boy than a girl. In fact although she was 16, she hadn’t started to develop yet. She had small puffy auroras and had been called sprout at school. She had an older sister, a younger twin brother, another younger sister then twin sisters, the youngest of all.

They lived with their mum with her new boyfriend, an older man who owned a hotel in Skegness. The eldest girl lived and worked a while away, as did her brothers. But the four girls worked cleaning the rooms and stayed in their own rooms in the hotel.

The work was OK, but Jane was very quiet, having been teased about her lack of breasts for so long. Being quiet meant that she didn’t go out much, or meet other people. After one day cleaning she went to bed tired from a hard days work. She hadn’t got to sleep, when she heard the door open. “Shit” She thought as she glanced to the door, to see the hotel owner walk in and close the door. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. But the footsteps came to her bed and stopped. She gulped, not knowing what he was going to do, and hoping he would go.
But she felt the sheets move next to her thigh and she took a breath as she felt his hand on her thigh. ‘Oh god no’ She thought as his hand moved ever upwards. Eventually she felt her hairless lips touched by his large fingers. Trying her best to stay still too frightened to move, she waited, preying for him to stop. But a finger ran inside her lips and located her hole. He massaged her bare pubic mound for ages. Her hairles skin soft to the touch, and warm. He pressed against her warm, moist entrance and she felt it push inside her, up and down, as he enjoyed her tight hole.
She then felt the covers go back and her nighty go up, revealing her naked body. He stroked her budding little nipples and felt how soft they were, inspecting her body as if a new toy. A gap as she waited to see if he went away, but no. She felt him open her legs and lay on top. She could feel something pushing against her pubic mound and a hand opening her lips. She gulped and squeezed her eyes shut as she felt she sharp pain of his cock thrust inside. He forced it in, and in no time, he was fucking her hard and fast. Still praying for him to stop, she waited. After half an hour she felt the warm gush and she cried inwardly as he withdrew. As he left, she curled up crying, her lips oozing and a trickle of blood rolling down her leg.
The next day she told her mum what had happed. “Well you’re old enough at 16 aren’t you?” Came the response.
After that her younger sister, with long blonde hair and a good figure, found herself in the same situation. He crept inside her room, lifted her nighty, and entered her. This time he fucked her as hard as he could as she lay open eyed, but crying. She too waited for the ordeal to stop before feeling him cum inside.
The two girls spoke only to confirm that their mum was not interested, and that they could do nothing.
Jane could never enjoy sex ever again, and moved from boy to boy. Her younger sister was damaged internally and the twins remained together and single. The man well he was never caught.
So while we read feel for those that go through it for real to them it’s not erotic or fun.