Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Naughty Little Son's

One night I came home late from work. I was so tired! I walked in and closed the door behind me. My sons, Michael and Josh, were sitting on the couch watching a movie and I paid them no attention. Going to my room and changing into my red silk robe, I went to the kitchen to make some coffee.
"Are you guys hungry?" I asked my son's. They didn't answer and just continued watching their movie. Rolling my eyes, and taking a sip of my coffee, I began to walk back to my room. As I passed the back of the couch, I glanced at the TV and dropped my coffee.
"Michael! Josh! You are watching PORN? Where did you get this?" I stare wide eyed at the TV as a girl got doggystyled from behind while sucking on another guy's cock. Her loud moans were muffled by the 12 inch cock. "It's just porn mom. We're 18 now. We can get this kind of stuff." Josh yawned as his eyes were glued to the porn stars round firm tits. I was slightly turned on by the movie as the girl screamed and moaned loudly. Clearly she was only loud for presentation purposes. It couldn't feel THAT good. But how would I know? Ever since I divorced Michael and Josh's father, my only other lover has been a secret dildo.
"18 or not! You shouldn'! But...!" I was at a loss of words. I've watched my fair share of porn. And they were growing up, moving out soon. I couldn't argue.
"Watch it with us." Michael said and patted the couch next to him. Reluctantly I sat down and watched the movie uncomfortably. I was so wet, I wanted to go get my dildo and moan so loud! Michael began to carress my hair, as his arm was on the back of the couch. The old yawn-and-put-arm-around trick. I didn't stop him, I liked my hair carressed. But as he carressed my hair, his other hand moved between my legs. He pulled my panties to the side and massaged my clit with his middle finger. I squirmed and let out a low moan. Causing Josh to look at what we were doing and a smile spread across his face. "Oh Michael! Noo..." I moaned and whimpered. He began to kiss me and our tongues wrestled together. Not a normal mother and son kiss. He skillfully slid his pants off and pulled an 8 inch cock out of his pants. As I leaned against the arm of the couch, he rubbed his cock back and forth on my clit.
"Do you want it, Mom?" He asked and rubbed his cock faster across my clit. By this time, Josh had undone my robe and began to suck on my tips. I moaned. "Give it to me, Michael! Give me your fat cock in my pussy!" I couldn't believe I was begging. Michael smirked and plunged his cock all the way in. "Causing me to scream as loud as the girl in the porn video.
I drooled as he slid in and out of me. In and out. In and out! I felt so pleasured, but I held my cum in. "Cum in me, Michael." I said seductively. He humped me faster and looked at me. "You sure?" I nodded. He smiled and went faster and moaned with me. And we eventually cummed together. Josh stopped feeding on my tits and pushed Michael away. Knocking his cock out of me. "My turn!" He groweld at his brother stuck his cock in me until he cummed as well. We went on and on like this for hours. Until cum was smeared all over the furniture and us. And let's just say, we did htis a lot until they moved out.