Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fucked By an Oldie

I could not help but relive over and over again my first sexual experience with Gerry, he had been my first sexual experience with anybody and being a healthy 18 year old male I should be having lots of sex and I don’t think I would be gay, bi-sexual was a certainty having had the experience of Gerry.
I had given Gerry my new address and he knew when I was at work and when to call, I had left it in no doubt of my desire for Gerry to take me and do what ever he wanted with me, I did not love him, just what he did to me and how I felt.
A week to the day after our first encounter I found myself answering the door of my flat to Gerry, It was good to see him and my cock immediately began to rise in anticipation of the evening ahead.
Gerry had with him a large bag and for a minute I thought he was coming to stay. I told Gerry that I had though he would have made contact earlier but he said he been busy. He took out of his bag various women’s and girls garments, suspenders, stockings, blouses, blue skirts (school girls) and white sock as well as two cameras (Why 2?), a jar of Vaseline and a selection of dildos. By now my blood was pumping around my body. I wanted Gerry now.
Gerry could see how I was and he sat down on the settee and gestured to his bulge under his trousers. I knelt in front of Gerry and unzipped his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to reveal a limp penis. I immediately lowered my head and took his cock and ball bag in my mouth and sucked softly, I could feel his cock coming to erection.
Gerry told me to lubricate myself as he needed a “good fuck”. I reached for the Vaseline and removed all my clothes and placed the Vaseline up my arse. Gerry got up and pushed me down with my knees on the floor and my body over the settee. Gerry then got behind me and entered me straight away pumping harder and harder. Whilst Gerry was fucking me he gripped my cock and wanked me, he was talking as well telling me that I was his whore and that I would do what he commanded, he told me that I would be fucked by other men because that what Gerry wanted, he said I was made for sharing as I fucked so well, all this talk was turning me on more and more. Gerry also told me that we would have fun with his wife Sylvia who would more than likely fuck me senseless.
By now I can feel myself coming and Gerry is pumping away at my arse and as I start to cum I feel Gerry’s hot spunk in my arse, that feels so good. When he has finished Gerry goes to the bathroom (I have to show him where it is) and returns a few minutes later after he has toured my flat.
Gerry sits down and tells me that my flat will do nicely. I asked nicely for what? Gerry then tells me that he has some friends and that they, on a regular basis swap partners. He tells me that discretion is the word which I understand but I am still unclear of what exactly Gerry is talking about so I ask him to tell me straight what’s going on and where do I come in
Gerry tells me in a few short words that I will accommodate male friends of his sexually at my flat. He tells me that I must do whatever any of his friends want
I told Gerry that for me to have sex with anyone then I must fancy them first. Gerry tells me that I don’t fancy him and I must admit that it’s true, it’s the raw sex with Gerry that appeals me and that him using me makes me feel great. Gerry tells me that his friends will make me feel great.
I tell Gerry that I am still unsure and he says that there is no hurry and that they will not all be around at once. Anyway he has made a promise and that one of his friends will be around the following evening and that he will be staying overnight. Gerry tells me that he will be around in the afternoon to bring some wine and other drink and some other stuff.
We are both naked and I am getting a little excited at the thought of having sex with other men, I am imagining what they will look like and the size of their cocks. Gerry has reached across and is now stoking my penis and as I get erect I once again lower my head onto Gerry penis and start to suck.

As I am sucking Gerry off I imagine the others and that it’s their cocks I am sucking and feel much the same, I love sucking cock and I enjoyed being fucked in my arse. I don’t think that I fancy Gerry at all, its just sex and I want more. My mind is going wild as Gerry moves behind me and enters me again, yes I will do this and see where it will lead………………
Gerry left early last night having serviced me twice and I keep getting a hard on as I think about this mystery friend of Gerry’s who is coming for the night.
Gerry calls in where I work on the pretence of a sick relative saying he needs a word, my boss calls me and Gerry wants the keys to my flat to drop off the booze. I give him the keys and return to work.
When I return home I notice that a drinks cabinet is in my lounge filled with a variety of spirits, the fridge has beer with ice in the freezer part. Where is Gerry?
About an hour later, I have had a long bath and am sitting in the lounge with the TV on when Gerry arrives. He gives me a silk bed set and tells me to make up my bed with them and to join him in the lounge. I can’t help but feel that Gerry is not staying long and sex is not on the agenda.
When I come out Gerry has made coffee for both of us, He tells me that “Dave” will be around at about 7. I am to dress up with the blouse, blue skirt and white socks., and yes I am to shave off all my pubic hair. “Pubic hair” I question and Gerry tells me that Dave is a bit kinky and like his young men shaven.
I ask Gerry who is this Dave, how old is he?, What does he look like? How tall is he?. Gerry says that he will not ruin my surprise and to leave it at that.
Gerry tells me that he has had a spare key cut for my flat so that he can pop in when he needs to. Anyway, Gerry gets up and says its late and that I better start to get myself ready. He tells me not to talk about him as that may ruin the atmosphere and that the following night I will be going out with him and Sylvia so make sure that place is clean in case we come back or a night cap if I get his meaning.
I go and have another bath and shave off my pubic hair, this process in itself excites me and I decide to shave my legs as well.
I have dried myself and have got dressed as instructed, skirt, blouse and white socks which come up to just short of my knees and I look like a schoolgirl except I have a great hard on and it’s a quarter to seven.
Just after seven there is a knock at the door and I go to answer it and I am frightened as I have the sudden thought that it could be someone else, the good news is that thought solves the hard on. I answer the door and there is a man, must be in his fifties, about six foot tall, short grey hair and overweight by at least a stone. Anyway in for a penny I let him in and he says very nice to meet me, tells me he is Dave, I tell him I’m Rich,  he has a holdall which he places by the settee which he says are his overnight things.
I serve him a scotch and he becomes me to sit beside him. He asks if I am shaven and I say yes would he like to see. He says no and places his right hand onto my now soft leg and moves his hand up my skirt to my genitals and says “legs as well”. My penis is getting hard and he stokes it for a minute and them completely removes his hand.
Dave and I talk about lots of things and I find that I get on with him well, he is in no hurry for sex. Over the next hour Dave has a couple of whiskies, I have a couple of Bacardi’s and I have soft music in the background.
Dave tells me that he has had a few bad relationships with women over the years and that his wife had left him when she was 50 for a 23 year old. Dave told me that she knew he liked young men and that he had had threesomes with his wife and other men. He enjoyed oral sex with males and the occasional intercourse but that he had never had nor would have a cock in his arse. This pleased me as I had never though of this as I had no interest in fucking any man.
Dave told me that I looked nice in my clothes and that he would now like to get intimate. Dave invited me to give him a blowjob. Like with Gerry, I knelt in front of Dave, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his penis out from behind his pants. I then went down on him moving my head up and down with his erect cock taken fully in my mouth.
“Good Head” Dave said as he placed his hands on my head as I moved on his cock. He then removed his cock from my mouth and asked where the bedroom was, hel followed me into the bedroom where he removed all his clothes, Dave told me to stay dressed and I could not help but notice that he must be at least 2 stone (32 pounds) overweight. His cock must have been six inches total when erect, very thick though and tasted good. I laid on my back on the bed and Dave laid down beside me and started to kiss me, I had never been kissed on the mouth by a man and Dave was very active with his tongue the sheets on the bed were soft and gentle and added to my feelings.
I remembered what Gerry had said so I responded by snogging with Dave although I must admit I did not like it, by now Dave and I were snogging away and he was masturbating me with his right hand, just as well as I was losing my erection because I did not like the snogging. Dave stopped snogging me and moved down and took my penis in his mouth, this was good and my erection returned. I moved myself around and was in the 69 position with Dave enjoying the full flavour of his cock as he enjoyed mine.
Dave then came up and asked be to lay flat on the bed on my back, he lifted my knees and spread them apart. Dave then climbed on top of me and I could feel his cock along side mine rubbing up and down. By now I had my legs wrapped around Dave and he continued to dog me on the front. This was new and I liked it. Then Dave started to snogg me again and it felt good this time because of my position with my cock being masturbated against his. He was heavy on top of me though and I had a bit of difficulty breathing.
After about ten minutes of this Dave said that he wanted full sex with me and to turn over. Dave then placed the head of his penis at my anus and teased me with it for a while before entering me. It did hurt as it went more than with Gerry and this must be because it was thicker. His penetration was not too deep due to his length but his rhythm was good. I loved every bit of his cock inside me and he finally came his load after half an hour. I had yet to come and had a hard on that hurt. Dave collapsed off me on the bed and lay there next to me.
He told me to turn over lift my skirt and wank myself off. As I was wanking, Dave told me what else he was going to do to me in the night ahead how he had enjoyed his fuck which was unusual for him but that before the night was out would fill my arse with spunk and that I would get to taste his spunk as he played wit a dildo up my arse, This was all too much for me and I spunked all over myself as I came. Dave reached down and took some spunk in his fingers which he placed in my mouth which I sucked. Dave then took some more spunk on his fingers and sucked them himself.
A night of sex ensued with Dave and the climax was when he placed an 8 inch vibrating dildo up my arse whilst I sucked him off and I did not let one drop of his spunk escape from my mouth. I had wanked myself silly to the point where the top of my cock was red raw.
By morning I could hardly walk from having so much Cock and Dildo up my arse. Dave said that he enjoyed fucking me which was something he did not do that often. He said that he would like to se me again. I said that I was out that night but free on the Saturday nigh, Dave said he could not make that night as his children had arranged a 60th Birthday party for him. He told me the he had two daughters who were 37 & 39. Wow, they were old enough to be my mother and he was old enough to be………….
We made an arrangement for him to stay again the following week to which he said he would have to clear with Gerry. Fine I said and I wished him well for his birthday and I hoped he gets what he wants.
Dave told me that his birthday was yesterday and that he had got what he wanted last night………….Bloody hell, I had been screwed by someone 42 years older than me., there is a challenge to be fucked by someone older.