Saturday, May 28, 2011

Campsite incest

I am John and I became a widower when my wife died five years ago, very unexpectedly from a wasp sting in our garden.
My sister, Joan, was widowed three years ago. She and her husband lived and worked in France. He was killed by a hit and run motorist when they were walking in their town. She returned to England and having no other relative than me bought a house a few streets from mine.
For several years my wife and I took our trailer caravan each year to a campsite beside the Mediterranean in the south of France. The campsite has a sandy beach where we swam. When I became a widower I continued to go to that campsite each year.
Last year Joan asked if she could come with me so I took her to the campsite. I have a large awning for the van and I slept in it while my sister slept in the van. All very proper.
One day we went exploring in my car and came across a naturist beach about four mile from the camp. Neither of us had ever been to one and we both found it interesting to see so many naked people, of all shapes and sizes walking about. I asked Joan if we should try it ourselves and after a little thought she said we should.
Here, I should explain that when we were quite young children our mother would wash us together in the bath, so my sister and I had seen each other quite naked. At that age it meant nothing to us. Mother bathed us together until, I suppose, she thought as we grew older we should bath separately.
Joan and I walked a little way along the beach and both of us seemed reluctant to strip off until I said we had agreed to do it and we should go ahead. We were both wearing sandals, tee shirt and shorts and she wore a bra. We removed our sandals and I took off my shirt. Joan slowly did the same to reveal her breasts firmly held in place by the bra. I told her she must remove it which, after some hesitation, she did. I was delighted to see her firm breasts and their pink nipples. I slipped off my shorts and stood, completely naked, in front of my sister. That gave me a thrill. Seeing that I was now naked she pulled her shorts off and there she stood, nude, in front of me.
Until that moment I had not seen her naked since we were children and I liked what I saw. What a lovely figure she has. Flat stomach long, slender legs, and an unshaved pussy. I couldn`t help myself. My penis began to grow and I had to apologise to Joan for what was happening to me. She told me not to be concerned because she, too, was affected by seeing me "in the altogether".
We sat down and watched the nudists walking past. One couple, walking near us, were talking in English so I stopped them and Joan and I chatted with them. They introduced themselves as Frank and Ethel and, what a coincidence, they also were brother and sister. Ethel also had a nice figure but, unlike Joan`s, her pussy was shaven.
We got along very well with each other and they told us that they had a tent in a nearby campsite. We were invited to go there and we all dressed. Joan and I followed in my car to their campsite.
Their tent had two bedrooms and a largish dining-cum- lounge area.
Frank told us that he and his sister were often nude in the dining area and asked us if we would like to join them like that. Now that Joan and I had been naked together on the beach we could see no reason why we shouldn`t. We therefore all undressed and were all naked together again. I had seen Ethel naked on the beach in the open but this was different. I was now quite close to her in the confines of the tent and I began to get an erection. I had to apologise, this time to Ethel, but her reply was "Don`t worry. I don`t mind. Look at Frank". Sure enough, Frank was getting a hard-on from looking at Joan. He, too, apologised but Joan, like Ethel, said that she wasn`t worried by what she saw.
Joan and I now had a surprise. We saw Ethel take in her hand her brother`s growing erection and stroke it making it fully erect.
Frank said "You musn`t mind what we are doing. We often do this -and more".
Although such behaviour was new to Joan and me I somehow found it exciting to see Ethel masturbating her brother and said so. Joan confessed to us all that she found it exciting,too.
To that Ethel said to Joan "As you both find it exciting to see what Frank and I are doing why don`t you do it to John as well?" I looked at my sister and she said "Shall I?" . My reply was "Go ahead and do it". I was going to enjoy being masturbated by my sister. It would be better than doing it myself, which I often did, nowadays.
Joan took my slight erection firmly in her hand and stroked it. I was being jerked off by my sister. I very soon became fully hard then saw Frank put fingers into Ethel`s cunt so that they were masturbating each other. As Joan was frigging me I reckoned that as Frank was doing the same to Ethel, I should do the same to Joan. So I did and slipped my fingers into her pussy to find it very wet. I caressed her clit and we had orgasms together, my cum falling on the grass. Frank and his sister were doing the same and his sperm shot on to the grass. We each gave our sisters several orgasms before they were satisfied.
When Joan and I returned to our caravan we talked over what we had all done. Frank and Ethel had masturbated each other and so had we. Joan and I agreed that it was very naughty, but so what? Now we began to wonder what Frank meant when he said that he and Ethel masturbated each other "and more". We decided that he must have meant that they had sex together. We said that it would be incest if they did but somehow, as Joan and I had masturbated each other, we weren`t really in a position to criticise if Frank had sex with his sister.
When we met them on the naturist beach the next day we invited them to come to our caravan, which they did.
As we did in their tent we stripped naked in the awning and again I found it sexually exciting to be naked with both Ethel and Joan. Now, though, I didn`t have to apologise for my slight erection. Again, we were masturbating but I was with Ethel and Frank was with Joan. I loved being frigged by Ethel and caressing inside her pussy. I could see that Joan liked masturbating with Frank. I expected that we would all cum like that but Frank said we should separate and I returned to my sister and he to his. We continued to masturbate together, but then I saw that Frank was now caressing Ethel`s breasts while his other hand was in her cunt. Then Joan and I saw that, without a word being said, Ethel lay on her back on the ground. Frank stood astride her then lay on top of her. There he pushed his enormous erection into his sister`s cunt and began fucking her. Now Joan and I knew that our guess that he meant that he and his sister fucked each other was correct when he had said "and more".
While Frank was thrusting into Ethel she looked up and suggested that we should do the same. I didn`t really know what to think about that but Joan said "Come on. Let`s do it". I didn`t need to be asked twice. I was in such a state watching Frank and his sister fucking each other and having been partly masturbated by both Ethel and Joan I couldn`t wait to fuck her. She had been partly masturbated by Frank and me so that as soon as I entered her she began cumming. I was able to prevent myself from ejaculating for only a couple of strokes then I had to withdraw. I daren`t cum inside her because she had no protection. We finished each other off by hand and we could see that Frank was cumming inside his sister`s vagina. He clearly made her have several orgasms before he pulled out and when he did I said that what he had done was dangerous. He smiled and said "Not at all. She is on the pill".
When Frank and Ethel left us we decided we must buy some condoms, which we did.
The next time we were in Frank and Ethel`s tent we prepared to have sex again. Joan and I fucked fiercely and I shot my cum into a condom with great pleasure. Frank, as before, fucked Ethel and ejaculated into her.
When finished we sat in camp chairs and had a few glasses of wine while we recovered. Having just been fucked by me Joan said she would like to have Frank if Ethel didn`t mind. She didn`t mind and said she`d like to see her brother fucking Joan and added that she would like to have sex with me. To that Joan replied that she could do that and she would enjoy watching me fucking her. I gave Frank a condom but I didn`t need one when inside Ethel. Now I was able to push my bare cock into her. It was wonderful being flesh to flesh and freely cumming profusely into her cunt Joan was having many orgasms as Frank was safely ejaculating into the condom.
When Joan and I returned to our caravan we both said that we had had a wonderful afternoon. Joan added that Frank`s cock was so big her orgasms were the best she had ever had.
Before Joan and I returned to the UK we were able to several times what we had done. Frank and I fucked our sisters and then changed partners and I fucked Ethel and Frank fucked Joan.
When we arrived home Joan obtained the necessary pills and we can have sex whenever we like though Joan confessed that she missed Franks big cock.
This all happened in France last year.